Innovatest’s Vickers hardness tester Review

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Vickers hardness tester

The Vickers hardness tester is a method of measuring the hardness of materials. It is an alternative to the Brinell method. It is relatively easier than other hardness testing method. Essentially, the indenter can be used for all materials regardless of their hardness. What’s more, the required calculations are independent of the indenter size.

Vickers hardness tester


Innovatest provides a series of FALCON Vickers hardness tester. One of the outstanding testers is that cutting edge Flacon 5000 micro testing system. The tester boasts of enhanced and exceptional features that deliver unmatched reliability and accuracy. Additionally, the enhanced ergonomic provides the operator with a seamless experience. This instrument can test the hardness of both plastics and metals in laboratories automotive and aerospace industries.

Control and Workflow Software is an integral part of the Vickers hardness tester. It boosts efficiency and set up time of the tester. The best part is that you can request custom software applications and programmable test patterns.

The tester accommodates test forces in the range of 10gf to 250 kgf and is fitted with a Full HD 18 Megapixel camera with optical zoom. The windows 10 operated machine features a 10-inch touch screen display for a perfect view. In addition, it has a whole range of software options and plugins.